Zilveren Kruis / Yune Veerkracht

Music Production + Audio Post Production


This Zilveren Kruis Christmas campaign revolved around people who've endured a traumatic experience, and how their own resilience helped them heal. Hence the campaign name 'Veerkracht'. The music needed to have dreamy and atmospheric influences, since the film is centered around people who are levitating, have Christmassy influences, feel a bit magical, but also have a darker undertone. No small order!


We worked from the sound of a bicycle wheel slowly turning on the ground, a sound often recognized after a bicycle accident. We added an analogue bass guitar to this, and loads of pretty long sounds, atmospheres and even Christmas bells. All of this combined made the music emphasize the levitating experience of the film.


The video was used in an online campaign by Zilveren Kruis to give a special touch to Christmas.

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