Signify / De Stroom UV-C Light Podcast

Music Production


We were asked to create a track with an attitude that matches the core message of Philips' subsidiary Signify, to be used on their new podcast, hosted by podcasting hero Noortje Veldhuizen. Signify is the producer of a germ-killing lamp that stops the spread of bacteria. We teamed up with podcast production house De Stroom and were asked to produce an attention-grabbing track.


We decided to go for a beat-based track that felt big and tough. After reviewing the comments from the team, we edited it with the podcast and highlighted certain elements of its content. Moreover we delivered many underscores/layers of the main track, in order to make the edit sound perfectly tailor-made.


The four-part podcast series is distributed on all major music platforms and actively pushed on Signify’s SoMe channels.

See the end result on Signify's website.

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