Sandcastle / Feike Santbergen Short Film

Film Scoring


Film maker Feike Santbergen flew to LA to pursue his next film. Sandcastle became a beautiful and introspective short about two lovers who’ve lost their clear path forward. We were asked to provide the score for the 18-minute film.


When scoring a film, it’s always a good idea to start with an open dialogue with the director. Pick each others brains. We first scoped out what the mood of the film would be and what Feike did and did not want. After this, we made multiple proposals and worked through multiple feedback rounds, until we felt the film had hit all the right notes.


Even thought this short was released during the pandemic, it was regarded as a succes. It was officially selected for the Indie Shorts Awards at Cannes 2020.

Here's the film being mentioned on the Indie shorts list.

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