Sikkelcelfonds / Wolfstreet Nijntje en Sikkelcelziekte

Music Production


Video agency Wolfstreet teamed up with famous Dutch children's character 'Miffy' (Nijntje) to raise awareness for sickle cell disease, an often-overlooked children's disease with a terrible infant mortality rate. The music needed to hit the right tone, both in lyrics and harmony. It needed to be warm and light, but have a darker, melodramatic undertone to it as well. The lyrics needed to give a sense of security as well as urgency.


We started off with writing the lyrics together with the creatives from Wolfstreet. After that, we produced a warm-sounding track that felt child-like and light, but had a quick changeover to something more dark and intense. We asked one of the artists from our Yellowbloom Affiliate Artist program to record the vocal. A voice-over by Dutch storyteller Akwasi made sure the film's message hits you hard.


The campaign was launched in association with the Dutch Sickle Cell Fund, and highlighted in Dutch printed press. After a successful campaign, the film was broadcasted on Dutch national television as well, reaching hundreds of thousands of people.

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