Emma Evelein / Blanc Film Lucid Dreaming



Our music production studio eagerly embraced a new creative endeavor when we were tasked with composing music for the short dance film, "Lucid Dreaming," directed by the talented Emma Evelein. The initial briefing presented a unique challenge: to create a musical backdrop that would seamlessly accompany the intense, intricate movements of dancers within a train car setting. The film's title, "Lucid Dreaming," set the stage for an exploration of surrealism and subconscious experiences, providing us with a distinctive canvas upon which to craft our musical interpretation.


In the execution phase, our team of composers and sound engineers worked collaboratively to translate Emma Evelein's vision into a sonic landscape that would enhance the film's immersive qualities. We immersed ourselves in the project, closely studying the choreography and the nuances of the train car environment. Drawing inspiration from the dreamlike atmosphere of the film, we composed a soundtrack that blended seamlessly with the dancers' intense movements. We incorporated a range of musical elements, from ethereal synth textures to rhythmic pulses, to capture the surreal essence of "Lucid Dreaming" and elevate the overall viewing experience.


The result of our collaboration on "Lucid Dreaming" was a testament to our commitment to artistic expression through music. Our score provided a captivating auditory backdrop that accentuated the film's dreamlike qualities and intensified the connection between the dancers and the audience. The music complemented the intense movements within the train car, creating a mesmerizing fusion of visual and auditory artistry. The project received recognition for its ability to transport viewers into a realm of subconscious exploration. At our music production studio, we take pride in contributing meaningfully to such creative endeavors, ensuring that our music resonates deeply with audiences and enhances the overall impact of the film.

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