JBC / Red Dust Gelijk Nen Echte

Music Licensing + Vocal Re-recording


We were asked to create an upbeat soundtrack that connects with the core values of the Belgian clothing brand JBC, produced by Antwerp-based film production company Red Dust. Family was a central theme in this, but how do you connect these happy elements to a heavy subject like cancer? JBC Belgium created the campaign 'Kom op tegen Kanker', to draw more attention towards the fight against cancer, and they needed a track that matches this perfectly.


We started off by making a selection of tracks from our Yellowbloom Library and discussed this, pre-shoot, with the director Jan Boon. From there, we learned what the right direction of this project needed to be. We decided to go for a guitar-based and upbeat track called 'Do Like Romans Do', in which the music was produced by Yellowbloom, the lyrics and vocals were created by one of our Affiliate Artists.


This new hero video for the JBC summer campaign hits all the right notes. The campaign runs in Belgium throughout 2021, creating a team of amateur cyclists who -just like the professionals- are all wearing the same cycling outfits, available at JBC. 20% of the revenue is donated to the Kom op tegen Kanker Foundation.

See what JBC wrote about it.

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