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Music Production + Audio Post Production


As the 2020 pandemic was in full swing, many movie theaters were seeing business drop. Video production agency Since '88 and creative agency KesselsKramer designed this campaign, and was an initiative of all major movie distributors to counter this trend.

The music needed to feel movie-like and instantly recognizable, but light and a little comical at the same time. Emphasizing the cliché scenes we've all seen in movies, the music needed to give that extra push.


We decided on big orchestral sounds and epic horns. 'Lord of the Rings' style brass and exciting classical percussion were the best fit for this, with a hint of Ennio Morricone to top it off. We created 8 classic movie soundtracks in two categories: 'knights' and 'romantic', four for each 20s film, and selected 1 in each category that fit the scenes best.


The campaign ran on many Dutch television channels and cinemas for one summer and reached hundreds of thousands of viewers.

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