Dura Vermeer / Yune Built by Time

Composition + Lyrics + Audio Post Production


Construction company Dura Vermeer, a big player in the Netherlands, needed a new identity film to highlight their works.

The client requested that image and music should be strong enough to convey the core values of Dura Vermeer, without the use voice over. This resulted in the production of a dynamic soundtrack with a custom fitting lyric.

The film, concepted by director Ted Alkemade, leaned heavily on a cello quartet-based soundtrack with a custom lyric that needed to highlight the core values of Dura Vermeer and highlight the dynamics of the film.


Director Ted Alkemade knew what kind of sound he wanted: he opted for something acoustic cello-based, with a strong lyric and female vocalist. We decided to start off with writing the lyric, and quickly found our core hook: 'Built by Time'. We talked this lyric through with the agency and client, and then found the perfect vocalist for it. After a few rounds of feedback, we were able to make a suspenseful, hopeful track that supports Dura's core message well.


The film went live after a live-event hosted by Dura Vermeer in april of 2022. During the event, the singer, the Yellowbloom Affiliate Artist Josephine Odhil, was invited on stage to sing along live while the film was being played.

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