Dopper / Chapter Amsterdam The Dopper Wave

Music Production + Audio Post Production


Re-usable plastic bottle maker Dopper has a very clear mission: to rid the world of evil single-use plastics. They created the global campaign 'the Dopper Wave' against single-use water bottles, and hundreds of companies signed on, including Tony Chocolonely, and Albert Heijn. Together with video production agency Chapter Amsterdam we needed to create a track that feels urgent, inspiring and empowering for the campaign's hero video.


Working closely together with director Reinjan Prakke, we worked on this project until we got it just right. The film and the core message tell a very clear story: we are all in this together. We decided that a combination of a modern beat, analogue synths, intense sound design and deep drums on the release were gave the best musical emphasis to this message.


Dopper implements the video as their main video whenever they're spreading their message. It was shown in cinema's before movies start, and it is still the first thing shown when entering Dopper's website.

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