De Eeuwige Jeugd / Aanstekelijk De Gappie ft. Donnie

Composition + Music Production + Vocal Recording


Amsterdam-based brewery De Eeuwige Jeugd decided to collab with one of the Netherlands biggest rappers out there today: Donnie. Together, they present a new beer called 'de Gappie', which'll be sold in Albert Heijn supermarkets throughout the country.

Their agency Aanstekelijk came to us asking for an upbeat and joyful track that fitted well with both Donnie's iconic beat style, as well as the message of the campaign.


We quickly decided to implement some happy synth sounds and upbeat elements. We teamed up with one of the Yellowbloom Affiliate Artists and worked together until we hit all the right notes. Then, after implementing some feedback from the agency and tweaking the tempo, we went into the studio with Donnie and the creatives to record Donnie's killer rhymes, which were mostly freestyled, by the way. Crazy.


The film serves as the hero movie in the new launch campaign of brewery 'De Eeuwige Jeugd' and will eventually be featured on the Albert Heijn media outlets as well.

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