Feike Santbergen / Filos Film Challenge of Numen



Our music production studio took on a creative challenge when approached to compose music for the short dance film, "Challenge of Numen," directed by Feike Santbergen. The initial briefing called for a musical score that would complement the choreography and enhance the film's emotional depth. With the film's theme of self-discovery and the exploration of the human spirit, we had an opportunity to craft a meaningful musical experience.


During the execution phase, our team of composers and sound engineers collaborated closely with Feike Santbergen and the choreographer to understand each scene's nuances. We composed a soundtrack that blended various musical elements, from piano melodies to orchestral passages, in line with the film's themes of challenge and transformation. Our dedication allowed us to create a score that seamlessly integrated with the dance sequences.


The result of our collaboration on "Challenge of Numen" was noteworthy. The music we composed added depth and emotion to the film, connecting the audience with the characters and their journey. Our score received recognition at film festivals, contributing to the film's success. This project reflects our commitment to quality music production, ensuring that each project is a meaningful contribution to the art form.

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