Catawiki / DEPT Amsterdam Digital Campaign

Composition + Sound Design


DEPT Amsterdam reached out to us to collaborate on this online campaign for Catawiki. Catawiki, the leading online consumer-to-consumer marketplace, sought music that would resonate with their brand's expressiveness and modernity. Our mission was clear: create a unique auditory identity, steering away from melodic instruments and embracing a fusion of vintage and modern sounds.


In response to Catawiki's vision, we started working. We wanted to blend vintage and contemporary sounds to craft a captivating score for this video. The client also wanted meticulous sound design, so we intertwined this with the campaign's visuals. We wanted the whole thing to feel like a mixture between the old and the new and between music and sound.


This campaign was aired mostly in France in the digital space. This project underscores Yellowbloom's commitment to creating innovative music, setting the stage for future endeavors with clients and brands.

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