About Us

Founded by award-winning composers and music producers, Yellowbloom is a sonic agency focused on music production and licensing for media covering all genres.

Yellowbloom crafts music in connection with artists, publishers, creatives and directors.

Yellowbloom is based in a state-of-the-art music production studio near Amsterdam. As everyone in the Yellowbloom team is a music creator, all team members work directly with a client. As a result lines are short and the creative process is executed at full speed. We bring music on deadline to anywhere in the world.

We also established the Yellowbloom Library. A large collection of high quality music, tailor-selected for synchronization purposes. We've selected and produced tracks in all genres, which can be used in every possible format. Whether you're producing a film or directing a TV commercial.

Through the Yellowbloom Affiliate Artist program we have built a strong network of artists across the globe. We collaborate with 100+ artists, composers and music publishers. We’ll work with you to produce the perfect sound to sync.

How We Work

Our approach involves research. First, we investigate together what kind of sound your message needs. Then, we produce multiple pieces of music that we believe will underline your visual content in a big way. By working together closely with all the people involved we create the perfect piece of music. Skilled music supervision is essential to any media production and we bring that keen ear.

To inspire and impress everyone we work with is our ultimate goal.

Camiel, Mark and Erik


  • We have worked with Yellowbloom on a couple of projects and it's always a pleasure. Their compositions hit the brief accurately with beautiful melodies and every round of feedback improves the quality. On top of that, the project governance is fast and efficient.
    Jose, former senior producer at MediaMonks
  • These guys dream in sound. They are conceptual thinkers who treat audio as one harmonious total package!
    Ted, film director
  • As former professional musician and sound enthusiast I’m aware of the importance of sound and music on moving images. You need to find the perfect blend and texture, something like adding the perfect amount of spices on your main dish. Yellowbloom give us a wide range of high quality music and the options to go next level with personalized modifications, to blend the music even better on the images. You can feel that you’re communicating with passionated musicians and not with project or account managers. When I contact Yellowbloom I know what I can expect from them.
    Wilson, creative director Red Dust Antwerp